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question on using Rexx to update RADSETUP during connect

Lyle Blosser
Honored Contributor.

question on using Rexx to update RADSETUP during connect

I have a Rexx script that runs during a SOFTWARE domain connect (CAE 7.8).  The script is supposed to only set the BOOTPNL flag to Y for the RADSETUP.EDM in the IDMLIB folder. 


Looking at the log, we can see that the RADSETUP object is retrieved from the correct location, and the BOOTPNL flag property is going to be set to the desired value.  But if we check RADSETUP with the client explorer after the connect, we see the BOOTPNL flag is NOT set.


The log shows a puzzling message, which may be a clue to why this doesn't work.  The log message in question is:


Skipping REXX Variable [RADSETUP.] for migration to object [RADSETUP]


The Rexx script file is shown below:


/* Set RADSETUP.BOOTPNL to Y to signal a pending reboot */
/* Run as follows from C:\Program Files\Novadigm folder:  radpnlwr.exe DBD_Set_BOOTPNL.rex  */
/* get the RADSETUP object from the client install folder hierarchy */
object = "RADSETUP"
idmlib = "C:\Program Files\Novadigm\Lib"
CALL EDMGET object,,,idmlib
/* set the BOOTPNL flag */
/* save updated RADSETUP object */
CALL EDMSET object, idmlib


And here is the command file (invoked via ZCREATE in the deployed service):

cd "\Program Files\Novadigm"
copy C:\source\DBD_SET_BOOTPNL\DBD_Set_BOOTPNL.rex
radpnlwr.exe DBD_Set_BOOTPNL.rex


I also attached a snippet of the log file that shows all of the lines fro the RADPNLWR execution.


Does anyone have any insight?  Is it possible that RADSETUP is not updateable in this manner? Or is it the more likely case that I have missed something simple (but subtle) on using Rexx?  The target machine is a Windows XP SP3 box.



Lyle Blosser