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nvdkit usage and command syntax

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nvdkit usage and command syntax

Hello All,

Can anybody tell me the syntax and usage of nvdkit.exe ??.

Biju V George!
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Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax

Hello WIll,

These are some of the commands,
1.nvdkit fetch http://servername/file.htm localfile.htm
gets a file from http or ftp and stores it as localfile.htm
2.nvdkit put
upload file to web server, e.g. nvdkit put C:\localfile.txt http://server:port/upload/uploadedfile.txt
3.nvdkit ftpd -root
starts a FTP server with ROOT=
4.nvdkit httpd -root
starts a HTTP server with ROOT=
5.nvdkit isql datasources
shows ODBC aliases
6.nvdkit isql
connects to the ODBC datasource
6.nvdkit opens nvdkit command prompt
password encrypt mypassword
encrypts the string "mypassword"
7.nvdkit out.txt (same in batch mode)
with in.txt looking like: password encrypt mypassword exit
8.nvdkit service query
check the state of the service on computer
needs Windows admin authentication on
9.nvdkit service start
starts a Windows service
needs Windows admin authentication
10.nvdkit service stop
stops a Windows service
needs Windows admin authentication
11.nvdkit service remove
removes a Windows service from the Service database stop the service first! needs Windows admin authentication

and lots more !!!

Hope this helps !!
Roman Naumov
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Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax

try it...
C:\Novadigm\IntegrationServer\nvdkit.exe help [enter]

Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax

12. nvdkit sync source dest
Synchronize source and destination. Enter nvdkit sync to see the options. Similar to robocopy, except can also archive/explode a TKD file. E.g., nvdkit sync XXX.tkd directory will result in a directory containing the files archvied in XXX.tkd. Useful for troubleshooting/customization.

13. nvdkit password encrypt/decrypt TEXT
Useful to encrypt a password to a format suitable for copying into a .CFG file, or to decrypt a password entered there.

14. nvdkit csv2obj xxx.csv objectname
Convert a CSV file into an EDM object. If the first three columns of the CSV are the domain, class, and instance, object can then be promoted to RCS to make changes to the RCS database (e.g., as a ZPROMANY object).

Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax

Regarding #14, the CSV also has to have a first row of headers. Best way to ensure format is to use nvdkit obj2csv on an existing object, modify as needed, and then reverse the process.
Martyn Oram
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Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax

question about the "nvdkit put url" command... is it possible to pass a username/password? We use this for radia agent troubleshooting (to get the radia agent logs), but we need to lock it down.

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Re: nvdkit usage and command syntax


Just launch a command prompt, then on you nvdkit directory launch : nvdkit help then you get all commands that you can use with nvdkit :

Welcome to NVDKIT - the Novadigm Toolkit
Version: 2.1 (build 161 20051107 12:45:38)
Tcl Version: 8.2.2+

Nvdkit is your one-stop-shop for many useful tools.
Nvdkit can be used in three basic ways:

1) nvdkit myapp.tcl
Run Tcl script/program

2) nvdkit
Run as interactive Tcl interpreter

3) nvdkit args
Where the following verbs (embeded applications)
are supported:

csv2obj csv-file object
- convert a CSV format file into an EDM/Radia object.
- NOTE: object must be a qualified path or relative to CWD

buildenv directory
- Unpack C headers and link-library
- For Tcl C API Developers ONLY

eval args
- perform a Tcl_Eval direct from command line

eventlog ?level? ?message?
- Send messages to the NT Event Log

ftpd ?options?
- TinyFTPD

fetch ?dir/file?
- Perform HTTP or FTP download

httpd ?options?
- TinyHTTPD (Web Server)

httpdist ?args?
- The standard HTTPDIST protocol for synchronizing
- packages with a Web Server.

isql ?options?
- Diagnostic tool for ODBC

ls ?-l? args
- Like unix LS but understands VFS

mk4vfs outfile ?interp?
- Initialize a Metakit-based VFS file.

obj2csv object ?output?
- convert an EDM/Radia object to CSV format, suitable for Excel etc.
- NOTE: object must be a qualified path or relative to CWD

objdump object
- dump an EDM/Radia object to human-readable text format
- NOTE: object must be a qualified path or relative to CWD

rexec host ?-l user -p pass -s port? cmd args...
- Perform REXEC, ala rcmd(3). NOTE: default port is 512.

rexecd ?options?
- TinyREXECD - compatible with EDM/Radia Notify

sync ?options? src-dir dst-dir
- Like robocopy/rdist, provides the ability
- to mirror directory structures.

service ?verb? ?options?
- Manipulate NT Services, install, remove, start, stop

tp ?options? function ?args?
- EDM/Radia Admin Console

tplist ?options?
- Connect to a Novadigm Manager and list IN-STORAGE
- objects, useful for diagnostics

tpping ?options?
- Check whether a Novadigm Manager is up, and
- also verify which version of the software
- is running (best effort)

version ?file ...?
- Show build versions for .exe's and .tkd's

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event