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hp client automation usage manager

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hp client automation usage manager

Hi Guys, please can you help me with this. can tell me what purpose it serve? how to work on it? please shhare related docs Thanks n advance Yogesh s
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Re: hp client automation usage manager

Hi Yogesh,


From the introduction section of the Usage Manager guide:

The Application Usage Manager monitors the use of every application on all of your servers,
desktops, and laptops. This enables you to:
l Enforce corporate standards by identifying non-standard software and software versions in use
within your enterprise.
l Implement license tracking, giving you the ability to purchase and maintain only those licenses
that are required.
l Enable OS migration support by prioritizing software distribution based on actual usage.
l Use reporting to view the actual use of application resources.

The Usage Manager guide itself is available on your installation media (appusagemgr.pdf) or on HP Software Support online.