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Upgrade agent version from 7.9 to 8.1.XX

shibin p s
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Upgrade agent version from 7.9 to 8.1.XX



How to upgarde the version from 7.9 to 8.1 versions.




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Re: Upgrade agent version from 7.9 to 8.1.XX



Are you planning to upgrade directly to 8.1 MR + certain/ latest patch level ?


few options that may help :


1. Agent Upgrade service which are shipped along with the media. Import this service to CSDB using tools like zedmams or raddbutil and assign to the machines. This upgrade will be a regular software connect. Detailed instructions have been mentioned in the migration guide.


2. Deploy the 8.1 media from the core. This is based on agent MSI upgrading its own existing version.


But I would prefer the first option.  To apply the patch , either you can assign the latest patch and run a PRDMAINT connect ( mnt =y) . 


If you want to upgrade the agent along with applying the latest patch , you can first import the 8.1 agent upgrade service and then replace the individual binaries with those of the latest patch using " Replace component data" option in CSDB.


 When you now assign this service to a device, it will get the 8.1 Media along with the latest patch. I am not sure if this is documented in product guide and you can first try on few machines only.  While doing this ensure that the ZRSCRASH attribute for each binary remains same before and after replacement of the binary / dll.


If for some reason, you prefer the option 2 for upgrading the target devices, then you can create a folder named MAINT inside the win32 folder of media and copy all the files taken from the latest agent patch in MAINT folder.


When you run the setup.exe, the installer will first deploy 8.1 media and then apply all the updated files taken from the maint folder. If the latest agent patch contains upgrdmaint.exe, please ensure that this file is copied at 2 places - MAINT folder and also the win32 folder. THis is due to the special role it plays for an upgrade or maintenance.


Hope this helps.