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Unable to preload data to proxy server

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Unable to preload data to proxy server

Hi all,


We have recently migrated proxy server to Apache based proxy server .

When I am  executing  command to preload data to proxy server from configuration server ,

getting error unable to execute requested pgm


the command is :


C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\ConfigurationServer\bin>nvdkit.exe r

exec <proxy server ip> -s 3465 radskman d=1,ip=<CS ip>,port=3464,dname=SOFTWA

RE,sname=TESTDEP3,preload="C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HPCA\ProxyServer



Is there any other command ???


I tried the url on proxy server http://proxy-host:port/proc/rps/sync

Getting error Sync is not running attempting...


I could see both apache server services are running.

What might be reason ?





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Re: Unable to preload data to proxy server



    I have encountered this before.  I am using CAE 7.90.  If you are using this version, you may want to install the CP4 patch to see if it helps to resolve this issue of yours.


Please let me know if you are unable to.  I will advise further on this.


I am just a user who uses CAE 7.90.  I will see if I can help you on this.


Thank you & Best Regards,




Daren Koh



Shanti Yajnik
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Re: Unable to preload data to proxy server

Hi Noor,

For the Apache cache, you should not run the sync command from the Configuration Server or using that command. Please do it from the console of the satellite (or the core).

Best Regards,

Shanti Yajnik

Rodion Wentzek
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Re: Unable to preload data to proxy server



after migrating to Apache Proxy Server, you *MUST NOT* use the RADSKMAN command to preload! -- RADSKMAN preload=... creates a folder/file structure for the Legacy-NVDKIT-based Proxy Cache which is not compatible with an Apache Proxy.

To preload an Apache Proxy Cache (applicable to Satellites only, not to a Core!) you have two options:

  • Select "Synchronize Satellite" in the Satellite Console (which will also initiate a Configuration Server DCS sync, if Configuration Server is enabled on this Satellite)
  • Run: nvdkit fetch http://<SatelliteIP>:3466/proc/rps/sync

The latter will always return the message "Sync not running.... attempting". Check the sync.log on the Satellite for information on progress of the Cache Preload.





Brian Shrum
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Re: Unable to preload data to proxy server

We have a DTM job scheduled to sync on a regular basis, but for the immediate syncs we either run it from Enterprise Manager or notify the server with this command:


nvdkit sync-server.tcl -metadata 0 -resources 1


This also works if you need to sync a full-service satellite.  You can then change the metadata to 1 as well to get the data from the database, or change the resources to 0 if you don't want to sync the data files to the cache.