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Syncing eror

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Syncing eror

Hi we are encountering the following error in the dmabatch.log file when syncing from teir 1 to teir 2 servers:


20140121 18:24:14 Note: =============== Completed with Errors ===============
20140121 18:24:14 Nvdsync error: Unable to Prepare HPCA-CS Databases %s
20140121 18:24:14 RC=16


Has anyone encountered this and what causes it?  Thanks for any help in advance.

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Re: Syncing eror



Is there any change in the configuration ? Was the sync working earlier?

Can the tier1 and tier2 servers access each other?  Also, what is the patch level at both end.



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Re: Syncing eror

Sorry for the late reply.  This was actually a known issue and we worked with support to get it fixed.  They sent us a Patch fix for it.   Wanted to post this just in case anyone else encounters this.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event