Swapping Instances in HPCA

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Swapping Instances in HPCA

Hi,  I’ll try to explain this the best I can. I have to update a msi that is currently in HPCA .  It’s a very simple update just replacing a couple of files.  My concern is it’s currently installed on 500 computers and I don’t want HPCA to uninstall the current msi and then install the new one with the updated files.  It’s a pretty large msi. Is there a way to swap out the old HPCA job with the new updated one without having the old job uninstall itself and ultimately recognizing the updated files?  Thanks for any help in advance.    

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Re: Swapping Instances in HPCA


You can try publishing those 2 files only using component select mode in publisher and then deploying them as a service on the target devices.


Agent does not necessarily uninstall the MSI and then re-install . It runs the command line specified in ZCREATE, ZUPDATE, ZREPAIR, etc based on the state of the software on the client. The administrator specifies the command while publishing. It can be modified using CSDB editor later also.


NO action will be performed if the command line is blank.