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Publishing itunes program to clients

Super Collector

Publishing itunes program to clients


We use CAE 7.9.

Our customer told us that they want to install itunes to all clients.

I asked for setup files and command prompt command.

But they gave me 5 setup files. They should be run back toback with a specific order.

They gave me an install.bat file, that files shows me which files will be run.

Like below;

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>"C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2\install.bat"

Runs and below commands run automatically back to back.

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>AppleApplicationSupport.msi /qn

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi /qn

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>AppleSoftwareUpdate.msi /qn

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>Bonjour64.msi /qn

C:\Itunes x64 10.5.2>iTunes64.msi /qn

How can we publish and run these programs back to back ?

Regular Collector

Re: Publishing itunes program to clients

1. You can use the zservice catgroup attribute and assign priority to each ZService to install in a specified order & deploy with catgroup specified.


2. You could also have nested ZServices from one parent ZService if you would prefer a single ZService for install. (i.e. a primary ITunes ZService with the 5 msi specific zservices connected in the order you want them deployed)


3. A less preferred method is to use component select and install by calling the batch file... but if you can publish the msi files I wouldn't go this route.

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event