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Problem to get devices information

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Problem to get devices information

hi all;

i have a problem when i try to  get the devices inventory,   the connection  is make by the console and the comand radskman into  client machine.

the services were  assigned correctly, but the information is not load in the HPCA database.

I found into "./HPCA/data/messagingserver/rejects"  some files.

The core server is a windows 2008 enterprise edition, and the database is a sql server v. 2005



any idea.



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Re: Problem to get devices information



The messagingserver logs should provide an indication of why the message rejects occurred.


There are several known issues in the HPCA knowledgebase which may be applicable, depending on the HPCA version in use.  Examining the rejected messages would also help in investigating the issue.


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Re: Problem to get devices information



While the data from rejects folder will help, you can check a few things.


1. The command line to execute a connect on the client machine should contain " cop =y". This is applicable if the device entry is getting added for the first time.


2.  The client domain settings ( CLIENT.SETTING. <INSTANCE NAME>)  have reporting set to all types of connects. This is applicable when you have both machine and user connects . 


3. Are all the messages getting rejected OR only a type of reporting is failing?  


4. Is the agent machine sending reporting objects correctly?



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Re: Problem to get devices information

I'm sorry I was not able to answer before, the data is not saved into database only  when I try to get the hardware and software information.  The data conection and basic information  are   saved into  database.


I did a test with another  enviroment supporting 32 bits and everything  is working fine.



The current enviroment is  windows  2008  r2 x64 , SQL 2008 enterprise edition, and one   64 bits odbc connection, and the version of Client Automation is 9.10




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event