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Data not synching

Super Contributor

Data not synching

Hi All,


This is bharath working on radia 4.2, I am getting error while doing sync from management station to zonal servers. Below is the error


20110810 10:53:20 Note: =============== Executing <SYNC> ===============
20110810 10:53:20 Note: =============== Completed with Errors ===============
20110810 10:53:20 Info: Setting ZMGRSYNC.BATCHRC  ==> 103
20110810 10:53:20 Info: Setting ZMGRSYNC.BATCHMSG ==> Source RCS parameters NOT found in ZMANAGER
20110810 10:53:20 Error: Source RCS parameters NOT found in ZMANAGER


Kindly let me know what steps needs to be taken ASAP.


Thanks in advance




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event