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CAE Report query

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CAE Report query

Dear Sir,


Please confirm can we get following type of report in CAE reporting



  1. Unauthorized devices on end user devices – (like USB etc., ) – Need report giving details of machine name and ip address and what the device is connected
  2. Unauthorized software / applications/p2p applications installed
  3. Anti-virus or critical software updated/not updated/ not installed – details
  4. Other issues details – Everyone share, unapproved files – like videos, mp3 etc.,





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Re: CAE Report query


I don't think you can get information about unauthorized software directly as such. However an audit connect to scan the  file system can tell you what all exes are present on the system and how many of them are managed by HPCA. You will se FQSVCID attribute as non NULL for all those managed apps. THis may be a more detailed option as it will dril down to each exe .



The other option may be to compare the NVD_INSTALLED apps with APPEVENT data records so as to filter out what was not installed via HPCA.


I do not have a clear answer about the other query but please check for SCAP compliant scanner in HPCA SCM for antivirus related information.


For finding out information on the mapped drives a WMI scan should help ( guess Win32_logicaldrive) 



Gowhar Jan
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Re: CAE Report query

You can get a report on Anti Virus and firewall configuration using the HPCA Security & Compliance(SnC) module. You'll also be able to enforce Anti Virus and firewall configurations using SnC.

Shanti Yajnik
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Re: CAE Report query

Hi Keshav,

What would help would be a 3rd party anti-spyware and similar software which is managed by HPCA. These are referred to as the security tools management (STM) feature.

For unauthorized devices, you can write a script and report in the inventory.

All the standard criteria for security restrictions being met are can also be automatically collected as Gowhar has mentioned.

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