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CAE Agent activation

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CAE Agent activation

Dear friends,


Is there anyway to activate the CAE agent which is installed before CAE server setup?


Thanks & regards


Gowhar Jan
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Re: CAE Agent activation

CAE Agent is active once its installation is complete and it will attempt to contact the CAE server specified during installation, immediately. If the  CAE server is not available, CAE Agent retries until it succeeds. This behavior is configurable via install.ini.


Look for ZTIMEQ related statements in install.ini. Agent install process creates multiple objects, one of the objects is ZTIMEQ.EDM - the object that stores TIMER defintions. You may modify the default timer definition in install.ini and then install the Agent. For Agents that are already installed the default timer must be running anyway but the connect will fail each time since the CAE Server is not available.

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Re: CAE Agent activation

Hi Keshav,


If you looking to activate the client which were installed with a different server IP before the CAE Server setup then the below command should help.


<installdir>\radskman.exe ip=<newserverIP>

and then run a connect




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event