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CAE 7.9 schedule agent deployment

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CAE 7.9 schedule agent deployment

Hi all,


We are using CAE 7.9 and we have more than 1800 computer, only 1130 have the CAE agent up and running, I wanted to schedule the agent deployment job so it can check for computers that were not connected the time of the first deployment so the agent could be installed on those CI's. the problem is when I click on the deploy agent I only have a one shot option, the buttons to a periodic execution is grayed out.


Is it possible to schedule the agent deployment on my group of computers? Is yes how can I do that ?


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Gowhar Jan
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Re: CAE 7.9 schedule agent deployment

Have you considered the following options:

1. Use HPCA OS Manager to provision OS on new machines added in your network. Using OS Manager you can prepare and deploy OS images with HPCA Agent embedded in the image.

2. Use a logon script to determine if HPCA Agent is installed on a machine and if not installed then install it from a mapped network drive.

3. Another option, and I'm just thinking out loud here, is to write a script that retrieves all computer objects from Active Directory(assuming all machines in your environment are joined to an AD domain) and adds them to Zone:HP periodically if they don't already exist in Zone:HP. Once these computer objects exist in Zone:HP you can create a group query for computers that don't have RADEXECD installed and target them for HPCA Agent deployment.

Shanti Yajnik
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Re: CAE 7.9 schedule agent deployment

Hi Omar,
In CAE 7.9, there is only the option to schedule the deployment for a specific time, there is no option to have a recurring or complex schedule for the jobs. You can make groups and deploy the agent to each of the groups at a different time.
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