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Backup of the CAE

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Backup of the CAE

Hello everyone!


I want to know how to make an backup of the HPCAE?


Just copy the folder "HPCA" ?


Or have to stop the services of the HPCA, and copy the folder then start the services again?


Thanks Everyone!

Leandro Goes

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Re: Backup of the CAE



Few of the contents of HPCA folder cannot be copied if the services are running. Hence it is better to stop the HPCA Core service, ensure all the services are stopped succesfully  and then take a backup. Is the intention just to capture the state of that folder at a particular time ?  


Also, in the migration guide, there is a section on how to backup and then upgrade the existing HPCA to a higher version. 



Re: Backup of the CAE

Hi Leandro,

The classic to core migration guide on the Live Network has information on how to create and use a backup core.
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Re: Backup of the CAE

If you using windows server 2008, you can do it use winserv manager

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event