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Agent installation query

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Agent installation query

Dear friends,


I have one question,


We have one core server & two satellite ( & servers


While installing the agent shall we use core server name/IP address or satellite server name/IP address?


The agent which is installed by using core server name are accepting the patches.

But the agent which is installed by using satellite server name are not installing the patches.


the plicy configuration is same on both the desktops


Thanks & Regards


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Re: Agent installation query



Is the SAP.EDM exactly same on both the machines ? The SAP will confirm if the DATA, CONFIG, etc  servers used by both of them same or different . 


What is the exact error which you see in the 2nd machine where patches are not getting installed? Is the OS same on both client machines so as to ensure the patches is applicable there as well.


The connect.log will give some more details.