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Active directory concept

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Active directory concept


Hi Frds,



Please let me know what can be done if we have two active directory. Let take this scenarios

I have few question for you.


  • Can two AD can be integrated in single core server?


  • If suppose one of AD is integrated  and other AD devices are imported in CAE core server. Can we push  agent and patch from console or we need to drive it through csdb editor for imported devices.?

Thanks n advance 

Yogesh s

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Re: Active directory concept



Yes, 2 AD can be integrated in Core console. Secondly you can deploy agents or push services to devices listed in an AD group ( OU) .


TO get more details, please go through the CA enterprise reference guide.




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Re: Active directory concept

hey hi,


i mean with no ad integration .can we use import option  to  devices and push agent and patch from console.....