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Executing BPT test through OTA

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Executing BPT test through OTA

I have set of BPT test cases in a test set. I would like to run the selected test cases using "Scheduler" object through OTA API. I found "Running the test instances in a test set locally, remotely, or as planned" script in HP ALM OTA reference book. Which has the script to run the entire test set.  


However my test cases are niot executing, can someone help please ?

Trudy Claspill
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Re: Executing BPT test through OTA

Please provide more information.


Are you running the code exactly as provided in the example or have you modified it in some way?  If modified, please post a copy of your code in this thread.


Are you getting any messages or output of any kind?  If so, what?


Are the BPT tests automated?


What are you supplying for the four input parameters?


Are you running the code on a system where the ALM Client has been registered and the Connectivity Add-in installed?



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