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Transform enterprise content management with the new “HPE Content Manager"

Transform enterprise content management with the new “HPE Content Manager"

Michelle Philli

 Today, I’m pleased to announce the launch of HPE Content Manager – an advanced governance-based enterprise content management (ECM) system for government agencies, regulated industries and global organizations. HPE Content Manager is the new name for the latest release of HPE Records Manager, and is at the heart of HPE’s Secure Content Management offering. Together with HPE ControlPoint and HPE Structured Data Manager, HPE Content Manager enables organizations to meet data privacy and compliance requirements across a wide-range of systems and business applications spanning structured and unstructured data.

With 1800 customer accounts and 1.5 million users across the globe, HPE Content Manager has been trusted by all types of organizations for more than 30 years.

Why HPE Content Manager?

HPE_Content Manager Recents Search WC.png

In today’s hyper-connected digital world, capturing, managing, storing, and accessing electronic content in a secure and optimized environment becomes a key priority. Businesses are struggling to leverage their information assets effectively, and are under increasing pressure to remain legally compliant. Failing to implement a solution to meet ever-changing regulations and increasing information volumes, they risk accidental or malicious data leakages, loss or theft, with the possibility for steep fines and criminal prosecution.

The Content Manager release goes beyond managing paper records and retention, it’s about managing all content, across the lifecycle to improve business performance, mitigate risk and reduce cost. Historically, ECM systems have focused on data capture and collaboration. Today, the scope of collaboration goes beyond a few people working on a document at the same time - it includes the ability to integrate with line of business systems to secure and share valuable information, make content accessible to more people within the organization for re-use, and manage information in-place or route documents automatically for review, editing and approval via workflow processes.

HPE Content Manager is not just a new name; it reflects the software’s true capabilities while signifying a new chapter in the evolution and enhancement of an established, proven and trusted information governance product. HPE Content Manager advances our already rich feature set and strong records management heritage with new functionality to support broader collaboration, security, and content management use cases.

HPE_CM_Web Client Workflow.png

Through innovation and interoperability, HPE Content Manager helps you manage your content across the lifecycle to make it accessible, usable, relevant and accurate. Sophisticated search across the enterprise helps you find the needle in the haystack, while the Geo-location function tells you were the needle is located on this earth. Productivity improvements are delivered through the web client which can be used on a range of mobile devices and supports tasks such as; advanced searching, document creation, capture and editing, auto-classification, browsing of the classification plan, workflow actions, email management and online requests to your storage vendor for the delivery or collection of physical records. We really cover the full gamut of content!

Regardless of how content is created, captured and collaborated on, HPE Content Manager can improve authorized information sharing and re-use, optimize retention management according to policy and increase staff productivity by automating content classification and the application of policy. Content is managed according to its business context and specific requirements for information security and compliance - which may mean moving it to a secure repository or managing-in-place (as we do with rules based management of SharePoint content).

HPE Content Manager – What’s new

  • Legally defensible lifecycle management – Supports legally-based retention and disposal for specific industry verticals including Government, Life Sciences and Financial Services across multiple jurisdictions.
  • Geospatially tagged content – Google Maps integration to view geospatially tagged content for a specific location or area (such as a National Park or the haystack in the National Park). The geo-location function allows users to find all content associated with a location – this is particularly useful for mobile workers managing physical assets.
  • Enhanced web client for mobile and zero footprint deployments – Facilitates electronic content management functionalities across many devices without the need to deploy software. Functionality includes; advanced searching, document creation, capture and editing, workflow, email management, ability to browse business classification scheme and make online record requests.
  • Enhanced user automation – Simplifies records capture and management with auto-records declaration and classification with linked retention policy.
  • Tagging and capture of Gmail messages – Allows users to apply custom tags to Gmail messages with HPE Content Manager’s EmailLink to simplify their capture and management.
  • Passive manage-in-place for SharePoint, OneDrive for business and O365 – apply management rules to automate the passive capture and management of valuable content and records (according to policy and regulations) without negatively impacting the user experience.

HPE Content Manager Geospatial TaggingHPE Content Manager Geospatial Tagging

 Supporting a broader definition of collaboration and balancing this with automation, and the necessary privacy and security measures to ensure information is protected, HPE Content Manager can help you evolve how you manage your enterprise content. You will be able to tap into high value data to drive better decisions and strategy while automation and interoperability will enable greater workplace productivity. 

 There are more exciting announcements for Content Manager coming over the following months, be sure to stay connected.

Michelle Phillips
  • Information Governance
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Michelle Philli

Michelle is the WW Product Marketing Manager for the Information Governance portfolio. Responsible for solution messaging, positioning and GTM strategy, Michelle works closely with the product, sales, marketing and channel organisations within HPE to develop these. Michelle has 15+ years experience in the Information Management space having worked closely with customers, industry and business partners over this time.

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Hi Michelle,

Sounds like great news!

Will we be seeing any of this at the IMGF 2016?


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Hi Neil

It's very exciting news indeed, we have some fantastic enhancements and new features to show. Yes there will be more on Content Manager and demonstrations at the IMGF events in Australia.


Congratulations on the release of the new product. It looks very elegant! 


Great news! The program really seems to be very full, I found interesting applications "Geospatially tagged content" and "Enhanced user automation"