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where is the configuration file on a connector?


where is the configuration file on a connector?

I keep getting "cannot generate configuration file, configuration file already exists" whenever I try to install the connector as a service after updating it.  The upgrade is being done on a Linux syste, . and the arc_xxxxx file had been removed from the init.d directory before upgrading the connector .

So, which config file is it trying to create during the install as a service process?

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1) Not sure about exact file, maybe "agent.wrapper.conf", as this is available when SmartConnector is ran as service.
2) From your description it looks like you deleted file in /etc/init.d/ manually, second thing is that if you did not do it like this, this is the way to change SmartConnector to Standalone mode:
a) stop SmartConnector
b) start runagentsetup for SmartConnector
c) uninstall SmartConnector as service via runagentsetup
d) this will convert SmartConnector to standalone mode and remove service



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I have met this message before, however previous line usually is "Unable to install XXXX service - The specified service .already exists". Could you check - perhaps it is the same with you. That means you already have service with same name