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"Unable to detect Database Version" error


"Unable to detect Database Version" error


I've installed a Flex connector for Time-based database, but, when I try to connect the database, it gives me an error "Unable to detect database version".

Some info:

1) Connection is good. Both connector server and database server are located in one subnetwork;

2) Database is MSSQL, version - 12.0.2269.0;

3) Config file also contains the same version;

4) Credentials are good, it was checked on two different SQL clients (SQirreL and Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 17) and one hand-written script.

version.query=SELECT version=CAST(SERVERPROPERTY('ProductVersion') as VARCHAR)


CAST function was added, because SQirreL client gave me an error "Variant data type is not supported". After adding, it gives me normal "12.0.2269.0".


Please, answer me, how can this issue with version error be resolved.

Thank you.

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Respected Contributor.

"Unable to detect version" means you're authenticating OK. 

If you're doing a flex connector you don't have to do the version check stuff, IIRC. Can you skip it and just rock-n-roll?