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Good bye for protect724 and ArcSight


Good bye for protect724 and ArcSight

Hi All,

I'm really uncomfortable with the new protect724 platform and tiered to find even small things too. so time to say goodbye protect724 and ArcSight blog

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Answers (3)

Community Manager

Hello Gayan,

really sorry that you cannot find items you are looking for. We are aware that some documents went missing but we identified root cause and will fix this.

If you would be kind enough to let us have details on what you are missing, we will look into this and will get back to you shortly!

Again, apologies for all inconveniences caused and would be happy if we can make you comfortable with the new community!

Valued Contributor.

Hi All,

Same feeling here, It was so much easier on the earlier fourm to find and navigate articles.

But it's a mess now. No way to restrict a search to a ArcSight. NAvigation is altogether a different story, we do not know where we are and finding the right place to find things takes a whole lot of effort.



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I too hate the new look and feel of this site. Bring back the old site. Why try to fix what IS NOT broken. Just give me a better search than what is in place now.