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snmptrap.log under BSMconnector/logs folder

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snmptrap.log under BSMconnector/logs folder




I saw one file name snmptrap.log file under the directory BSMconnector/logs folder. But i am not sure how it got created.

The file was last updated during the connectore install time.


Do anyone have any idea about this file ?


I checked with the guy who installed the file, but he dont remeber any special configuration he did for this log file.


Any help will be highly appreciated.




Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: snmptrap.log under BSMconnector/logs folder

This file is part of SiteScope that is embedded into BSMC (under the hood BSMC is a combination of OM Agent and SiteScope Technology Integration monitors). I believe you can ignore this file as BSMC SNMP policies use corresponding functionality of OM Agent. In SiteScope snmptrap.log file was used to store SNMP traps received to process them later.

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Re: snmptrap.log under BSMconnector/logs folder

Hello Dimitry,


Thanks a lot for your response.



The log file snmptrap.log contains the trap details of nodes that are not in sitescope.


The time stamp shows it was created after the bsmc got upgraded. after that it has not changed. Since it contains some valuable inforations about trap, i thought i will use this funtionality.


But the log file is not getting updated.Any hints ?