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bbctrustserver.bat - is not available in OMW

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bbctrustserver.bat - is not available in OMW




I'm starting establishing the trust relationship between BSM and OMW 

unfortunately, I  can't find the bbctrustserver.bat in the OMW ? where can I find the bbctrustserver.bat in OMW 

In the BSM server th bbctrustserver.bat  is available. but in the OMW is NOT available 


BSM : 9.20

OMW : 9.x



BSM : Available in BSM


HPBSM - \opr\bin\bbctrustserver.bat <HPOM Hostname>


HPOM:  NOT available in OMW
OMW -> %ovbindir%\bbctrustserver.bat <BSM Hostname>

Mahmoud Ibrahim
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Re: bbctrustserver.bat - is not available in OMW


You have to copy that file from the BSM directory to the OMW mentioned directory. please check the below note from BSM OM Integration Document



HPOM for Windows: Starting with patches OMW_00121 (32-bit) and OMW_00122 (64- bit), the BBCTrustServer tool is already installed to the folder %OvInstallDir%\contrib\OVOW on the HPOM for Windows management server.


HPOM for Windows only:

Copy the files from BSM to the computer that is running the HPOM for Windows management server.
Copy opr-cli.jar to %OvInstallDir%\java\opr-cli.jar.
Copy BBCTrustServer.bat to %OvBinDir%\BBCTrustServer.bat.


Mahmoud Ibrahim
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  • PatWest
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    Re: bbctrustserver.bat - is not available in OMW


    If all fails, here's the manual way to exchange certificates.