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Welcome to Application Performance Management (APM) community, part of BAC

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Welcome to Application Performance Management (APM) community, part of BAC

Welcome to the Application Performance Management (APM) Community which is a part of Business Availability Center (BAC).  This community will help address any questions you might have in the APM/BAC domain.


HP Application Performance  Management solution helps you to align IT to the business and optimize application performance thereby improving customer satisfaction, revenue and employee productivity. HP's Application Performance Management solution is the go to market message for the Business Availability Center of products and consists of Business Process Monitor (BPM), Real User Monitor (RUM), Business Service Level Management (SLM), Diagnostics , Transaction Vision(TV) and Business Process Insight.


Very recently, we landed in the leadership quadrant for Gartner's Magic Quadrant (MQ) in the area of Application Performance Monitoring (APM). We are very proud and thrilled to be in the leadership quadrant. We have over 1000+ customers for BAC, and we have the ability to offer our APM solution has in-house solution or through our SaaS offering. See details on the Gartner's MQ report here.


We also did a video on the MQ, and you can see the conversation between Joe Fox, who leads Product Management for BAC and myself here.



The key stakeholders in BAC/APM Product Marketing who will be answering any questions you might have in this community are:


ArunaAruna Ravichandran
Group Product Marketing Manager, BAC/APM


I lead and manage the Product Marketing team for BAC/APM. I have been with HP for past 14 years, starting my career as an engineer in the Networking lab at HP. I spent the first 9 years of my career as engineer/architect at different labs, before I moved to the "darker" side of the business and have held different roles in product management/marketing for Storage, Security and now with HP Software. I lead the product marketing for BAC. On the personal side, I like to anything which gives the adrenaline rush like spinning, running, bungee jumping. I also like exotic travel and have gone to some really cool places Egypt, Morocco ( hiked some part of the Atlas mountains), Brazil, Costa Rica, and hope to hit the Serengeti desert this year and travel around South Africa.


AmyAmy Feldman
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BAC/APM

I have been with HP for the past 13 years, starting my career in HPIT as a Unix System administrator and later moved into an IPG development team.  I’ve been with HP Software for 10 years working in various roles across the BSM portfolio of products.  I currently am a product marketing manager for BAC responsible for messaging, sales enablement, whitepapers, presentations, and other marketing activities.   On a personal side, I like to read, play golf, camp and spend time with my family.



ColinColin Fletcher
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, BAC/APM

While I am new to HP, I’m certainly no stranger to IT having started my “technical” career (there were turns in radio, restaurants and more before) in Technical Support at Apple almost 14 years ago.  Along the way I’ve worked in and managed a desktop support team, built and managed a few network/server/app infrastructures (both very large, very small and everything in-between), and most recently led product marketing efforts for BMC Software’s BMC Atrium solution line for the past few years.  Without question spending time with customers is the best part of my job, because that’s where you find the unvarnished truth that helps us all improve.  On a personal note, believe my Texas accent or not, I’m actually a Scotsman by birth and heritage (yes, I do own and occasionally wear the kilt), I love to game, write creatively, and there are days when I still miss the simplicity of my first PC, a TI-99/4A….


Welcome again, and hope to get to know you better....


Aruna Ravichandran