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WebSphere 7.0 & SiS Monitoring

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WebSphere 7.0 & SiS Monitoring

Trying to monitor WebSphere 7.0 using SiS 10.14.


We have 5 physical servers, each with a profile which can run from 1 to 10 JVMs.


When following the SiteScope instructions, we copied the WebSphere files from the profile folders, into their respective SiS folder.


My assumption has been that we setup a SiS monitor for each JVM that is running (for a given physical server, each JVM has the same IP but different SOAP port).


We have gone through the WebSphere 7.0 troubleshooting guide..and are currenly working with HP's L3 support...but not making much progress. 


Any tips or insight would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: WebSphere 7.0 & SiS Monitoring

Have you created WAS console account for SiteScope ?

Have you exported certificate from WAS server?

Have you enabled custom in PMI config ?


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