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VMWare performance monitoring

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VMWare performance monitoring

Hi all



We've received a request to implement some VMWare ESX monitors for a client. We're able to connect to the URL and obtain all the counters.

We're however not able to obtain something around the datastore, specifically for the datastore usage/ percent free/ percent in use, which as fate would have it is what the client's interested in seeing.


We thought we could acquire this data with a script monitor instead, using SSH and just running a script that would pull this data for Sitescope. The catch: SSH is not enabled for the client's VCenter, and it doesn't sound like they're keen to enable it.


So, is there a way to get a counter for datastore usage (percent free/ percent in use)? Ideally I'm hoping we could tweak a template, but essentially we need to do this without resorting to a script-based solution.



I have to add that if the only way that this is possible is to go with a script-based solution, then so be it.

Tarif Louah
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Re: VMWare performance monitoring

it better to post produc version and OS where it is installed ... You may want  to consider using "VMware Host solution template; check <SiteScope directory>\sisdocs\pdfs\SiteScope_VMware_Host_Best_Practices.pdf

however, this is password protected document. The password is provided along with the VMware

Host Solution license key from HP.




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Re: VMWare performance monitoring

Hi Tarif



Thanks for the reply. SiS 11.12 installed on Windows 2003 Server, VMWare is VCenter ESXi 4.1.0 build 381591. We unfortunately do not have the license for the VMWare Host solution template.