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Unable to integrate RTSM <- uCMDB

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Unable to integrate RTSM <- uCMDB

Hello to BSM and UCMDB experts,


I have installed in my virtual environment, BSM 9.22 (Distributed) and uCMDB 10 applications.


I do not have much of experience on integrations, and it will be very helpful if I could have some help on creating the integration from uCMDB to RTSM (topology population). I have read RTSM best practices and Dataflow management guides, but I am mixed up resulting to unsuccessful tries for integration.


Could I have please, some guideline steps on how to do this, or more clear documentation?


Thank you.


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Re: Unable to integrate RTSM <- uCMDB



In a nutshell:


1. Install a probe

2. Connect the probe to BSM/RTSM

3. Deploy the integration package to the uCMDB

4. Create an integration point in RTSM Integration Studio


Where are you struggling?


Look at the online help from the Integration Studio UI. it will list you the steps in more details.



EDIT: here is the complete path from the online help:


Data Flow Management > Performing Integration > Integrating Multiple CMDBs > Set Up Integrations between CMS and BSM


there you can find all the required step from the point on when you have successfully connected a probe to the BSM environment.

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Re: Unable to integrate RTSM <- uCMDB


One more comment: it is advised to create your own integration TQL instead of deploying the OOTB package (as described in step 3 above)
this will allow you to control your sync and prevent from overpopulating RTSM with unneeded topology.

Here is the direct link to our most recent RTSM BPs guide:
Asi Garty, Architect
BSM APM R&D, HP Software