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URL monitor

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URL monitor

Is there any option in Web URL monitor on the base image. It means if the image not displaying in webpage, we need alert. It means portal is ok, please advise

Asaf Shechter
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Re: URL monitor

I believe the answer is yes.

in URL monitor you can add "content match" condition. in your case, search for the HTML object that represents the image you want to monitor, and use the content match also in the monitor's Thresholds.

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Re: URL monitor



If the Image does not exists in the server you will get HTTP404 error which usually is not a critical problem, thus the transaction will get pass status. (in Vugen you can play with script settings to fail on 404 errors)
In order to monitor specific Image, maybe the best way is to pu direct path to the image + check, or use Vugen script which is sensitive to 404 errors:
Go to "Replay"-> "Run Time Settings" -> "Preferences" -> Non-critical resource errors as warnings


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Re: URL monitor

Hi ,


 Just to add somethihng , if you select the option to retrieve the images on the page you would get an error if it fails to load some of them .



 Hope this helps !


Yordan Mirchev
HP Support

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