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Trying to monitor SM Web service

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Trying to monitor SM Web service



I need to monitor the SM Web service. I am getting the following errors when using VUGEN.


Action.c(5): Error: InvokeMethod failed: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Character reference "&#x1F" is an invalid XML character.
Action.c(5): Error: InvokeMethod failure: AXIS engine threw an exception.
Action.c(5): Error: Internal error, please call customer support. Details: Error while retrieving body -- can not parse output parameters
Action.c(5): Error: Web service call "RetrieveIncident_101" execution failed


The weird part is that I don't see &#x1F in the web_service_call.


I am using  VUGEN 11.04.00. I am trying to build a transaction monitor for SM 9.3.  I used "Manage Services" to pull in the WSDL. I used "Add Service call" to generate the web_service_call call. I provided and Incident ID (in _value). I also create a parameter in the response for the "Title" element.


I guess that I really have two questions.

1)  Has anyone been able to successfully monitor an SM web service using BPM?

2) Does anyone have any idea how I can work around these errors? (I'm assuming that I'm not holding my mouth right!)


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Re: Trying to monitor SM Web service

I finally figured it out. I'll spare you the 'round and round'. The short story was that support was able to steer me in the direction of using SOAPUI. Combine that with a couple of forum posts and I was able to figure out that the root cause of my issue was a missing piece in the HTTP header. It was easily corrected by using the following statement.


web_add_header("Content-Type", "text/xml;charset=UTF-8");


Hope this helps the next person.

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Re: Trying to monitor SM Web service



Could you please give the correct URL of the wsdl. I would like to invoke this web service to check if SM send Incident informations to uCMDB when federating SM tickets and have a look at what SM send when running a view that contains federated CIs.


Thank you so much.