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Sitescope SMTP port 25 error.

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Sitescope SMTP port 25 error.

Hi All,


I am getting below error for Sitescope SMPT port 25 check monitor.


unexpected response from (TCP) port; expected: 220 "servername" ESMTP Postfix (2.4.5), got: 220 ********************************************* (220+********************************************* 0D 0A)


I am using sitescope 11.12 32bit JVM, build 3079


Please help me out to resolve the issue.

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Re: Sitescope SMTP port 25 error.

It appears that your SMTP server is not returning server name after 220 status. Are you using plain port monitor or mail monitor?
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Re: Sitescope SMTP port 25 error.

We are using plaing SMTP port check. PFA for the details.


host name : we have given our email server name

match sting : we have given another email server name.


I have checked the port status from sitescope server it is going.


Please let me know if you need more details.

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Re: Sitescope SMTP port 25 error.



You must give the relay SIS machine on SMTP server.Your problem will be solved.