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SiteScope - port monitor

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SiteScope - port monitor

I received a request to monitor EHLO reponses from various Exchange CAS servers.  My initial thought was to use a SiteScope port monitor, point it to the SMTP port, and use the "Send String" field to issue a "ehlo <domainname>.com" request.  However, I discovered that this wouldn't provide what the customer needed, as the monitor only has threshold conditions for status, round-trip time, and initial port response (i.e. there is no way to check against a response from whatever I issue via the "Send String" field).


So, I would appreciate any advice on how I might be able to meet this requirement.  Is there a way to tweak the port monitor to do what I need, or can you suggest a different SiS monitor type to use?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: SiteScope - port monitor



If you are able to monitor those certs from cmd then you can create a cript and then run it from SiteScope.


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