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SiteScope metrics per monitor type - best practices

Ricardo Jorge
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SiteScope metrics per monitor type - best practices

Hi there, I'm looking for "best practices" for metrics ( points ) consumption per monitor type. I mean, what's the average number of points / metrics people use per monitor type. Reading SiS Deployment Guide you can see that Solution Template uses 83 metrics for Microsoft Exchange 2010, 43 for SQL Server 2008 R2, 202 for Oracle and so on. What people use in their production SiteScope ? Any help ?

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Re: SiteScope metrics per monitor type - best practices

Hi Ricardo



Looked around a bit, thought the info you want might be in the SiS metrics doc, turns out it isn't unfortunately.


From what I've found myself, the amount of points certain monitors use depend greatly on what you want monitored. If you take for instance a DB counter monitor, it could use from 1 to 100+ points, depending on how you configure the monitor itself.


On our side, we use mostly DB counter, DB query, the usual HW monitors like Ping, memory, CPU etc., process checks and for everything else, script monitors.



Hope this helps

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