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SiteScope database logging question

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SiteScope database logging question

Hi All,


I am wondering what group name variable is used when logging sitescope monitor information to a database. I have read the "Using SiteScope" document and it specifies the 3rd column in the normal delimited daily log file is the "ownerID", not the group's display name. However when I look up the table structure for database logging it says that the 6th column is the "groupName", but does not mention "ownerID". Does this mean "groupName" is the group's display name rather than the "ownerID"?


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Re: SiteScope database logging question


The 3rd column is OwnerID which is the same as groupID. Confusion happens because in versions older than 11.x to build the ownerID and groupID SiS took the group name and just deleted invalid chars. So if I created a group called "group 1" then ownerID and groupID would be group1 which may appear in logs as SiS used the name for 3rd column (ownerID). This caused issues with duplicate IDs and confusion in logs messages for which in 11.x SiS assigns group IDs by the numeric unique ID which is a sequential number as it does with monitors.


Yes, groupName is the display name.

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Re: SiteScope database logging question

Thanks for the reply. Having the group's display name in the logs is much easier.