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SiteScope - Unable to use web UI

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SiteScope - Unable to use web UI

SiteScope 10:11 am 11/17/04 build 297

Sitescope has been running okay for years. The plan was to migrate monitoring off over time and then shut it down.
But, since 28 Aug we haven't been able to log on using the web interface.
We stopped/started the service. It appeared to be running. The SiteScope*.log showed the status of varying clients. But, we still couldn't log onto the web interface. We even bounced the linux server.
We have since discovered that messages are not being passed to AlarmPoint for paging.
On 2 Sep in the early morning, the service failed completely again. (no log entries).
The logs that are available do not show any issues, the entries just stop.
The only reference in ITRC forums has been a license expiration issue. Everyone familiar with SiteScope at my organization are no longer employed here.  And, I've exceeded my limited knowledge of SiteScope.

How do I check for license validity? Or, is it permanent and not the issue?

Any other suggestions appreciated.


--John Donovan
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Re: SiteScope - Unable to use web UI

Since we were "weaning" monitors from SiteScope to Nagios anyway, and considering the age of the application/operating system, management has decided to expediate the "weaning".  We are retiring it now.




--John Donovan
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Re: SiteScope - Unable to use web UI



to verify if this is a license problem try these steps:


1. Make a backup of your SiteScope folder

2. Stop SiteScope service

3. Rename groups folder under SiteScope folder to something like groups.old

4. Create a new folder called groups

5. Start SiteScope service

6. Open the SiteScope GUI, this should be running without your configurations.

7. In groups.old, there is file called master.config, open it and find the value _license=, the number display it is your license.

8. Copy the license from the master.config to the license field in the GUI, under General Preferences link

9. Reboot SiteScope service

10. Check if the GUI open or not, if doesn't works after configure your previous license it looks like is expired, unfortunately 7.9 is a EOL version, last SiteScope version is 11 and would be recommend it rebuild your monitors in the new version.




David Molina

David Molina
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