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SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

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SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

Hi All


   I'm using SiteScope 11.00 for Window & UNIX monitoring. Everything work fine until yesterday.

I'm stop sitescope process and backup all sitescope's folder. After I start,the sitecope sent status report email every 2 minites.I'm not show how to fix this problem. Anyway I start to test the solution for upgrading from current version to 11.11 .

But still not success on test virtual machine.


Have any suggestion for sitescope restart itself problem?


Thank you for any suggestion

Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

Check error.log to see the reason why SiteScope keeps restarting itself.

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Re: SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

Thank you for your suggestion.


Now the system is back to functional because we restore by using last full backup file.

Anyway I aware this case may be happen again if we restart then I let my team provide  more information in error.log


Thank you so much ^^

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Re: SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

You can see sitescope log in attached file.

Thank you

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Re: SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.



    The error.log show some SiteScope Error like this. I'm no idea with this error.

Have any suggestion. ?


[SiteScope Main] ( ERROR - SiteScope unexpected shutdown
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 10
 at com.mercury.sitescope.monitors.facades.NetworkBandwidthMonitor.storeValidIFTableProperties(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.monitors.facades.NetworkBandwidthMonitor.getValidIFTableProperties(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.monitors.facades.NetworkBandwidthMonitor.getLogOrStateProperties(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.monitors.facades.NetworkBandwidthMonitor.getStatePropertyObjects(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.entities.monitors.AtomicMonitor.getTopazMeasurements(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.TopazMonitor.handleMeasurements(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.TopazMonitor.updateFromAtomicMonitor(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.MonitorsSynchronizer.addMonitorRequest(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.MonitorsSynchronizer.syncAddUpdateMonitors(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.MonitorsSynchronizer.sync(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.TopazConfigManager.initialize(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.integrations.bac.TopazManager.restart(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.bootstrap.SiteScopeGroup.startSiteScope(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.bootstrap.SiteScopeSupport.StartProcess(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.bootstrap.SiteScopeSupport.siteScopeMain(
 at com.mercury.sitescope.web.servlet.InitSiteScope$

Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: SiteScope Self Restart every 2 min.

It looks like it complains about some of Network Bandwidth monitors you may have set up. Try to disable all such monitors to stabilize SiteScope first. Then you can start investigating what's wrong with the monitor(s).