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SiteScope Handle Count

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SiteScope Handle Count

In the Health of SiteScope Server monitor, the Handle Count exceeds the default. What is the Handle Count? Is this the file handle like UNIX/LINUX? SiteScope is running on a Window 2003 server.
Stephen Kirven
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Re: SiteScope Handle Count

The sizing guidelines for Medium and Large installations direct you to a Windows registry setting to change the value to 18000. We haven't had any issues in 9.54 with excessive handle counts. I seem to remember in testing in version 10, there may have been some concerns. We're currently looking at Sitescope 11.

As for the monitor itself, the threshold can be manually updated to reflect a more realistic number.
Rajasekhar Gund
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Re: SiteScope Handle Count

Hi Pension,

This represents the user handle count for each process. Refer the article -;en-us;326591&Product=winsvr2003

You can increase it up to (as per the sizing best practice) 18000

Go to registry & go to entry
HKEY_Local_Machine\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows\USERProcessHandleQuota

Change that value from 10000 to 18000



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Ronen Erez
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Re: SiteScope Handle Count

The SiteScope config tool set this registry value.
Ronen Erez