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SiteScope 11.22 <-> BSM 9.22 LW SSO

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SiteScope 11.22 <-> BSM 9.22 LW SSO

Anybody was lucky setting up Single Sign On between BSM and SiteScope?


Set LW SSO key in Sitescope.

Set LDAP auth in BSM and Sitescope.


Trying login to SiteScope after successfull login in BSM - see login form.

Clicking on "Drill down to SiteScope" from OMi context menu - authenticating with "IntegrationViewer" user, not the active BSM user.



PS. Single Sign On from BSM to Operations Orchestration, for example, is working without problems.

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Re: SiteScope 11.22 <-> BSM 9.22 LW SSO

Please make sure the attachements are correctly uploaded, so that we can see the users which are logged in.
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Re: SiteScope 11.22 <-> BSM 9.22 LW SSO

BSM offers LWSSO login mechanism for component communication such NNMi, NA, Diagnostics, uCMDB so user can sync init keys and reuse this method for a GUI login from generic URL component in MyBSM as long as the other product offers support for GUI login via LWSSO. In SiteScope there is no support for GUI login via LWSSO as there is no mapping of SiteScope user roles/permissions with generic LWSSO user login.

Scope of LWSSO feature in SiteScope is for internal component communication only, for example in CA, PC/ALM integrations and SiteScope Primary to Failover server communication.

Drilldown URLs for other integrations like NNMi, OM(U/W/i) use a different method of authentication than LWSSO.

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