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SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring

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SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring


Is there away in SiteScope to monitor a windows process that is hung or a runaway process?

I know that you can monitor processes and services through SIS using the "Service Monitor" or MS Windows Service State Monitor"

Any information greatly appreciated.

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Re: SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring


Even i have never tried it but i think we can make a monitor with threshold as status = 'running' and monitor frequency as 15 min or 20 mins and for alert setting it should be set as-- once,after the conditions has occured exactly 2 or 3 times.
Charles L.
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Re: SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring

I happened to see this thread. I think this is for the service that is running for certain period only, and stop working after a while (hence the "running" condition can be put in the Error If threshold).


However, what about if we monitor a service that needs to be running at all the time, and sometimes the service hung (and of course the service's status is still running")? Can't we set any condition to check this out? We met this issue more often than service down issues.


Any opinion on this is greatly appreciated.

Sergey Popov
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Re: SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring

Hi, Charles.


It's an interesting idea.

However, how do you differenate the service that is hung with "running" status from a really running service?

I can't think of a generic way of differentiating them. Maybe, running specialized watchdogs for such problematic services would be a better solution?


Currently SiteScope uses Microsoft's OpenSCManager() function to get services statuses, if this helps.


Thank you.


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Charles L.
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Re: SiteScope 11.10 Windows service monitoring

Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the response (I did not know there was no response here, so sorry).

I have no experience in using the function directly, so I cannot say much on this. However, when we are saying that there is a hung service, for example Service Manager, the application itself might be working, but the function which is related to that service is not. So, maybe the function returns timeout value for example to detect such issue?

Nevertheless, you are right about specialized watchdogs. I am using BPM now to monitor the applications, and it gives a better outlook on the application's health, but it surely comes very prices (BPM license is indeed expensive!)

Thanks again for your response!

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