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SiS Support Tip: Registry Scanner tool for batch search/export/deletion

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SiS Support Tip: Registry Scanner tool for batch search/export/deletion

The following is a useful free tool that can be used whenever there are problems ruining SiteScope installers due to a “dirty” Windows registry. Sometimes previous/failed installations leave Installer registry references that may prevent a new installation to complete pre-checks.


Windows registry editor allows you to perform search, but this functionality is very limited and doesn’t allow you to check all results at once nor perform a batch export/backup operations of entries that will be deleted as part of troubleshooting.

The tool is called RegScanner from Nirsoft and can be downloaded from It doesn’t require installation, just extract zip file in SiS server and you’re ready to search by multiple criteria:



Commonly for installation issues most problematic entries can be found in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, the ones referencing to previous installer runs. Once these are found you can batch export (backup) and delete them to attempt to run installation again:


Kenneth Gonzalez
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