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SiS Support Tip - How to configure SiS HA?

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SiS Support Tip - How to configure SiS HA?



To configure your SiS on HA mode you need to have 2 servers.


1. SiteScope standalone

2. SiteScope HA


On the HA server you have to be able to open this URL:




Then open your primary SiS GUI and go to:


Preferences-->GeralPreferences--> LWSSO configuration and copy the string you have in there


Open your HA GUI go to the same location and paste the primary LWSSOstring in there.


Restart your HA SiteScope service


Then go to Preferences-->HA Preferences


Write the IP of your primary SiS, write the port(8080 by default) and click on Ok.


HA SiteScope service will restart after that.


Now you have to be able to see your primary configuration from your HA server.


Best Regards,

Gunnar López
HP Support
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