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SiS Support Tip: Could not parse rule error being logged every monitor run

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SiS Support Tip: Could not parse rule error being logged every monitor run

If you are checking your error.log and notice that there are error lines in the logs saying:


ERROR: Unable to Parse Rule      counters in error    >     "   "


Then when you go and look at the monitor through the UI it appears to be working fine and collecting metrics without any issue. The reason for this problem is because within the monitor properties under the thresholds section there is a threshold that doesn't have a value set for it. For example if you have a counter based monitor and one the thresholds is


Error If:


counters in error     >      "<no value>"



 This issue typically occurs when monitors were created in an older version of SiteScope where there was no checking on whether or not valid thresholds were created. Then once you upgrade your system to a later 11.x version where we do the threshold checking and SiteScope can see that the monitor has a threshold with no value assigned to it and throws this error in the logs. All you need to do to correct this behavior is to identify through the logs which monitor is throwing the error and then go check the thresholds for that monitor and make sure that there is a value assigned to each threshold and save the monitor and the error should go away.

Joe Berant
HP Support

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