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SiS - BSM integration error

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SiS - BSM integration error

When I try to integrate BSM from Sitescope, I get a 'No empty profiles available error'.

I pick 'BSM' from the 'Integration preferences' and provide all the BSM credentials, such as the gateway server info.

But When I click on 'Get Available profiles' , I see a  'No empty profiles available error' error.



Also, when I log into my BSM page, I dont see "Systems Availabilty Management' under the 'Admin' tab to help me integrate SiS with BSM. Am I missing anything?


Can anyone help?




Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: SiS - BSM integration error

Yes, you are missing 2 things - System Availability Management license in BSM + the fact that the integration you want is to be configured from Admin > SAM (the menu item you miss due to lack of SAM license), not from SiteScope.


If you do have SAM license and recently applied it, but still don't see SAM under Admin menu, make sure you add SAM in the Server Deployment and restart BSM.  

Sergey Popov
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Re: SiS - BSM integration error



You don't have SAM installed in BSM.

Without it, you can't integrate SiteScope directly to BSM, only via Operations agent to OMi in BSM.

After you'll install SAM, you can just create new integraton and everything will be fine.


Integrating SiteScope to BSM from SiteScope side requires an "Inaccessible" profile already created in SAM (that's why you didn't have any profiles in drop-down list despite correct credentials).


Thank you.


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Re: SiS - BSM integration error

Goto Admin>>>>Platform>>>server Deployment and make sure you have SAM installed

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Re: SiS - BSM integration error

Thanks. Did all the above suggestions and it worked !!

//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event