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Service Health - Problematic Subtree - number of expand levels

Regular Collector

Service Health - Problematic Subtree - number of expand levels

Hello forum


We are testing around with the different possible views in service health using BSM 9.12.

The report "show problematic subtreee" is almost that what we want.


I have tried to use this problematic subtree in a component like "Top View" but I didn't manage to connect a dynamic selection box for the view.

However I end up now to use a fix root view i.e. "Om Ci Collection". That works pretty fine.


Now my problem is the expand level is set by default to 4, so I don't see all the children.

I can change this setting in "Infrastructure Settings" to another number but this will also affect the top view itself.


Is it possible to control the number of expand levels using a URL parameter?

Or might does someone see a better possibility to address this issue?


Many thanks in advance for your responses!




//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event