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Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

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Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

Hi all together,


we're new to BSM 9 and I think you can easily help us with the following basic questions.


Our main problem which have to be solved: We have to be able to send EUM alerts to our OM server. Within these alerts we have to be able to change the nodename. 

With BAC 8.x we simply used the opcmsg command of an installed OA on the BAC Gateway Server and a special OM policy.

What kind of possibilities do we have within BSM 9.21? 

It seems that our BSM server (Gateway and Data Processing Server as One-Machine-Deployment) already uses an Control Agent (ovc). We've found the Guide to exchange the related certificates with an OM-Server. Is this the correct way? Do we need additional licenses?

We also read something about the possibility to install another OA on the BSM server. Does this really works? Is this the better option? 

There's also the possibility to use OM webservices (SOAP) within the BSM Event interface. What about this solution? Does this one requires any additional licenses?

As you can see, we're really confused after reading the "BSM - OM Integration Guide". We also don't know where to start. All things we've already tried didn't work.


Thanks in advance and kind regards.

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Re: Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

The best solution for your case is OMi Integration with the HP OMU , it can forward the message to your EUM alerts to the OMU.

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Re: Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

Dear Ashish,


thanks for your response. We don't have a OMi license. Does your suggested solution works without any additional license?


Kind regards,


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Re: Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

Hello Timo,


To send messages from EUM to OMW you have several options. I sugest that you see in "Admin" menu, "End User Management", Alerts tab.


In this tab, click in "new BPM Transaction Alert".


In this new window, go to "Actions" tab.


"Actions" tab in BPM Transactio Alert have the available option to integrate using mail message, trap, script, log, etc.






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Re: Send BSM 9.21 EUM alerts to HP OMU 9

you dont need to have OMi license in order to FW events. That comes with basic OMi which is part of BSM platform.