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SLA Calculation Query

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SLA Calculation Query



I need to know few concepts about BPM and SLA.


1) If BPM and BAC are in different time zone, suppose BPM is in US and BAC in UK, what will be the impact on SLA reports if SLA is having UK time zone.

2) When creating a profile why GMT offset setting is required. Where it it used?

3) When creating a new user, we set GMT offset, is it required for a user to see report according to his time zone or why?


Please reply ASAP.


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Asaf Shechter
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Re: SLA Calculation Query

1) it doesnt matter. the SLA has its own timezone and that determines which samples will be used in the calculation and which not. the samples that BPM sends are normalized to the SLA timezone, so if your BPM runs in GMT +5 and the SLA timezone is GMT +0, then BPM 3pm is actually SLA 8pm.
2) it is used in the EUM reports and insertion of samples into the DB
3) users will always see the reports according to their timezone, which will determine which samples are relevant from the DB.