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SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor

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SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor


I want to get the info about CPU DISK and memory and service up/down by reading SNMP Mib.

I have tried ALL MIBS from the monitor and getting lots of info.

anybody can guide me how can get above info , do i have to install new mib ??

Is there any special mib for win2003 ??

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David Campeau
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Re: SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor


To monitor CPU, use the hrProcessorLoad OID.

To read Disc or Memory requires a Mib Expression. SiteScope's SNMP monitor does not have the functionality needed to properly retrieve disc or memory utilization for Windows 2003 using the 'proper' Expression.

Recommendations to monitor Disc or Mem:
1. Netbios or WMI connection. If you had this you wouldn't need to use SNMP for CPU utilization.
2. NNMi9 has the ability to use Mib Expression to retrieve and calculate values.
3. OMW or OMU can monitor cpu, mem, disc using a performance agent.

The downside monitoring CPU utilization using SNMP via SiteScope:

Each processor or core will cost you 1 point. So if you needed to monitor a server with 4 processors, this would cost 4 points.
If you used Netbios or WMI, all processors or cores are averaged, and will only cost 1 point no mater how many processors/cores are on the system.


Sergey Popov
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Re: SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor

Have you enabled SNMP in Windows 2003?

Also, why won't you use CPU, memory, disk space and service monitors?
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David Campeau
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Re: SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor

The other part of your question was about monitoring services.

Yes, this can be done using the Host Resource mib, but there are inherent problems you should be aware of.

All services are indexed, so for example you begin monitoring the service "java.exe" which uses the index of 2396. If the server is rebooted all the services are automatically re-indexed. One would have to snmpwalk all the servers, take note of the service and the new index and then redo/fix the monitor.

This would be a pain to keep up with.


Re: SIS 10. SNMP MIBS monitor

I am using SIS 11.20 and want to setup montiors CPU, Disk and Memory of bunch of servers. They are all mixed, 2003 and 2008, physical and VM. What do I need to get CPU, Disk and Memory and setup alerts. This need to be done using SNMP, I don't have credentials to login to the servers.