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Reset HI State API Rule

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Reset HI State API Rule

Kindly I need your support on the following case problem
I have BSM 9.20 integrated with OMW 9.0, on the OMW I have deployed SNMP inspector policy on specific node so I have received SNMP traps with only critical severity on the OMW …. my problem is I don’t have any normal message from this SNMP policy to acknowledge/close the critical one …. On the BSM I need to assign KPI on this SNMP node so please help me to create indictor based on the event lifecycle not based on Event type indictor for critical and normal status to make the KPI normal after resolve or close the event… I mean that I need to fire the KPI when receive the critical event and rest the KPI when change the Event life cycle to resolved or close but also I don’t need unassigned and unresolved KPI’s .... this option has been found in the attached document but i need your support on how to create API to rest specific health indicator because the HP document doesn’t contain more details


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Asaf Shechter
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Re: Reset HI State API Rule

if you are closing the events from the Event Browser, then you can use the action: Close and Reset HI, which will reset your HI.
please note that KPIs are calculated from HIs, which means that your events need to be mapped to HIs.
Unassigned and Unresolved KPIs can be removed by stopping the relevant KPI assignments in Service Health Admin.
//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event