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Planning to upgrade BSM 8.07 to 9.23

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Planning to upgrade BSM 8.07 to 9.23

Dear Team,


We are planning to upgrade the HP BAC 8.07 to HP BSM 9.23 on staging analysis, Can any body suggest me the best way to upgrade as we are aware that there will be a lot of issues during upgradation. Following are the component we are using in HP BAC


1) HP BPM --> Version 8.07 [agent is 8.04]

2) HP RUM [Rum engine & probe] 8.0.5

3) HP Diagnostics --> Version 8.04

4) HP sitescope --> 10.12


We are trying to upgrade it by each component using staging. Can any body suggest me the folw of upgradation of each component. Quick response from the team is highly appreciable. 




Siggi Gladitsch
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Re: Planning to upgrade BSM 8.07 to 9.23

Hi doubt_guy,


only BAC/BSM is staging update aware, all the data collectors are simply connected to one BAC or BSM instance.
After you updated your BAC 8.07 system to BSM 9.23 (when you use the staging upgrade, you do have a new set of systems), all your data collectors are still reporting data to the BAC 8.07 instance, as before.
SDR then carries over the data sent by the collectors from BAC 8.07 to BSM 9.23.
At one point in time you decide that you move the data collectors to the new BSM 9.23 instance,

and you do this by disconnecting them from BAC 8.07 and connecting them (redirect) to BSM 9.23.


Most of the time customer use this time to also upgrade the data collectors, however


- BPM 8.04 can talk to both BAC 8.07 and BSM 9.23

- same for SiteScope 10.12,
- RUM needs to be upgraded to 9.23 to be able to work with BSM 9.23

- Diagnostics needs to be upgraded to at least 9.02 to be able to work with BSM 9.23


I would upgrade all data collectors / agents by the time you plan to disable SDR.




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Re: Planning to upgrade BSM 8.07 to 9.23



Thanks for the reply