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Pattern view as per the Business Unit

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Pattern view as per the Business Unit

Hi Experts,


We have BSM 9.22 in our environment and monitormg synthetic transaction. We have added the applciation monitoring for 120 applications. But these applications are divided into 3 units. So based on the input I have created 3 pattern views for these applications. But here the question is how can I these club / project three views to a single view so that I can put them in the top view page for the business wise classifications.


Please let me know how to achieve this or other way instead of creating 3 different pattern views.




Asaf Shechter
HPE Expert

Re: Pattern view as per the Business Unit

you cannot with this approach.

you need to group BizApps in 3 CI Collections (you can use Pattern based Model for this task, and use the same pattern you already created), then you can create instance based view for each CI Collection individually or have all CI Collections in the view.

I suggest you read the Effective Modeling best practices doc.

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Re: Pattern view as per the Business Unit

you have to make a model to your application , this is should be either static or dynamic model based on your requirments and you can access from Administration -> RTSM --> Modeling studio and then create an instance based model and relate your required CI's beneath.


hoping this can help you


Thank you

Haytham Hosny

Re: Pattern view as per the Business Unit

Attached is the effective modeling guide and one


As suggested by  Asaf, you can Create a model, attach all the CI’s (which you have used in created 3 views) to the model and then you can generate a View for the model that you have created.

Re: Pattern view as per the Business Unit

a sample doc downloaded from other forum thread on editing a model which will give an idea on how to create a model to accomplish your requirement.



//Add this to "OnDomLoad" event