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OMi HA Licensing

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OMi HA Licensing

Hi Experts,


Am really confused about OMi licenseing , as per my undertanding  OMIi license is instance based license irrecpective number of DPS and gateway   and we donot need Failover license for the  OMi HA Deployment  and till now I have never deployed failover license ( IN my 4 instance of OMi Implementation).


But When I have checked with HP Support , they are telling me that i need to have Failover license for  it.  And in the Licenseing guide, also there are :  two licenses mentioned  a) TA188AAE   b) TB249AAE( NP/Failover license)


I went through this post also (,  there also it is mentioned that no failover license is required, can You please help me regarding this

Dmitry Shevchenko
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Re: OMi HA Licensing

BSM Failover (in BSM terminology called Disaster Recovery) as well as BSM Non-Production have nothing to do with BSM HA. So as long as you are simply building HA for the existing (and already licensed) BSM instance by adding more GW or DP servers, you don't need to worry about any extra licenses.